Noon: Reuse Tote Bags

Noon Tote Bags


Fed up with the sight of witches’ knickers, roadside daisies, urban tumbleweed or tundra ghosts, look no further. NOON’s 100% organic cotton eco-warriors are here; Return, Ampersand, Heart and Infinity.
Heart: Dedicated and eternally dependable in the tightest of corners.
Infinity: A tenacious little devil and a master of disguise.
Ampersand: Fluid and always willing to go the extra mile.
Hard Return: Tough-as-nails, the unequivocal enforcer of the reuse principle.

Wine on a boat, picnic in the park or simply embellishing the chore of the grocery run, our four hero totes are handy, hard-wearing and ideal for showing-off at the supermarket as well as putting stuff in. All can comfortably accommodate a decent cabernet, corkscrew, wooden cheese platter, 2 glasses wrapped in a small blanket, half a pound of Stilton, 2 apples, 2 pears, a couple of walnuts, napkins, a box of crackers and all necessary implements.

  1. zoerooney

    Wow these are some swell looking tote bags! Great job!

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